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Located in Rapid City, SD, Jensen Hardwood Floors has been providing quality and reliable hardwood flooring services since 2000.

An active member of the National Wood Flooring Association, Jensen Hardwood Floors provides both residential and commercial services, with the level of professionalism, quality and courtesy you expect.


Fully insured, Jensen Hardwood Floors specializes in Maritime Flooring Services. Unique to many flooring providers, the Maritime Industry demands exceptional quality and workmanship on their cruise ships. Jensen Hardwood Floors has been active in this industry for the past 12 years. Another reason to trust Jensen Hardwood Floors with your flooring needs.

Please browse our website for more information and feel free to Contact Us so that we may answer your questions about your hardwood flooring needs.

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Why Use an NWFA Member

Choosing to install or refinish a wood floor in your home or business is a big decision, and one that is affected by a variety of issues - lifestyle, décor, geography, and price, to name just a few. Considering all the options you face, where can you turn for answers?

The NWFA is dedicated to training and educating wood flooring professionals from all over the world in the installation, sanding, finishing and sales of wood flooring products. Our members are familiar with the latest products, services and trends in our industry. NWFA members possess the knowledge, skills, and professionalism to help you make informed decision, and to deliver a high-quality job that will last for the lifetime of your home.

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